Randee St.Nicholas

         Giorgio of Beverly Hills Perfume.Beauty Blender. Christina Aguilera.Definition Perfume.

Ryan Ebner

Norton Anti-Virus (Dolph vs. Unicorn, Davis Hasselhoff vs. Oscillating Fan, The Heist, Kingpin | Sour Patch Kids (Cyclist, Line Up, Toll Booth)

Simon Cole

Milky Way (Slip n Slide, Caramel Fill)

Jake Nava

Clear Shampoo ft. Maria Sharapova


Softsheen Dark & Lovely (Countdown to Healthy Hair) | Airness (Attraction Universal) | ABC Promo ft. Lady Gaga (Beautiful, Dirty, Rich) | Barriers PSA | DirecTV (Beyonce Upgrade U shot in New York, NY)

Jason Wolliner

Bing | Nintendo (House Party) | Toyota Camry (Horsepower, MPG, & Blind Spot) | Burger King (Meat Mathematicians) | EL Monterey (Switched at Birth, Evil Twin, Doctor’s Visit, Forbidden Love) | Microsoft (Magical Cafe, Flight of Fancy, First Class Frills)

Hank Perlman

Hyundai (Why?) | Kraft (A Father’s Lesson)

Bram Van Reit

TREsemme (Shot in Prague, CZ)

Ben Steiger Levine

Vasaline (shot in Kiev, Ukraine)


Drive Time (Shot in Vegas, NV) | Las Vegas Tourism | Alka Seltzer | Sears (Stock Car)

Ben Dickinson

American Idol (Guitar Hero)

Chris Robinson

Champs Sports (Wall of Games)

Justin Francis

JC Penney Interactive

Robert Hales

AT & T U-Verse

Diane Martel

Special K (Scale & First Step) | Pulco (Fuck the Sun) | Domyos Gym (ABDO Gain, My Top, Kids) | Turkcell (I Wonder in Miami, FL) * Shared Credit

Kevin Bray

Burn Notice Promo (Shot in Miami, FL)

Cliff Watts

Red Sin Perfume ft. Christina Aguilera

Francine McDougall

Bravo / Secret Outlast Promo (Jenni, Heather, Rosie) | HGTV Home/Sherwin Williams (Magic)

Brian Billow


Glen Mordeci

Campino (Tango)

Larry Frey

Simmons Beautyrest

Randy Krallman

Boost Mobile (Eve, Fat Joe – shot in New York, NY)

Raymond Bark

JC Penney (Oscars) | JC Penney / 100th Anniversary (Timeless)

Paul Cotter

JC Penney

Pier Luca De Carlo

Pantene ft. Maria Menounos (Curls) | Purell | Vidal Sasson | New York Times

Phil Joanou

Discover Card

Chris Milk

Power Bar (shot in Pheonix, AZ) | Addiction TV (Monkey)

Ed Nammour

Home Depot

Gore Verbinski

Fila (Graffiti) | Nintendo | Coca Cola (the Apartment) | Levi’s (Square Peg Round Table) | Intel (Boiling Water)

Kieran Walsh

Red Lobster | Zocor | Claritin | Hartford

Cliff Watts

Red Sin Perfume ft. Christina Aguilera (Diva)

Danny Weisberg

Lynx Aftershave (The Art of Skin Defense)

Neil Abramson

Secure Horizons | Chevy Silverado (shot in Texas) | Fanta (Hiccup – shot in Bangkok, Thailand) Trumpet – shot in Johanasburg, South Africa) | Coca Cola (Bottling Plant) | Helix Healthcare | Converse (Psycho Training – shot in Minneapolis, MN) | SAAB (Stares) | United Way PSA | Ponderosa (shot in Chicago, IL) | AAA (Tow Jam) | Reebok (Buddy Guy, Frank Thomas – shot in Atlanta, GA) | CVS Pharmacy | First Interstate (Fishing & Piano) | Samuel Adams (shot in Boston, MA) | Cadillac (The Endurance of) Lexus (Groove) | Pacific Bell | Honda (Clio, Survival) | Jack Daniels | Fleet Bank (shot in New York, NY and Boston, MA) | Nike (WNBA)

Andy Morahan

Melodie McDaniel

PCPenney 2 Oscar spots.Heineken (Immigrant – shot in Montreal, Canada)

Tom Dey

Lady Speed Stick

Walter Kehr

TD Bank North | Macy’s | Jolly Rancher | JC Penney (Snowman, Snowglobe) | Kodak (Leaving) | Mitsubishi Eclipse (Popping) | McDonalds, Canada)

Alex Keshishian

Smart Water (ft. Jennifer Aniston)

Katie Davidson

Epilepsy Foundation PSA (Do You Know How to Help?)


Isuzu (shot in Moav, Utah)

Buddy Cohn

Coca Cola (Fishing) | Duracell (Device Wars) | Hyundai (Tiburon) | Southwestern Bell (Rain)

Carolyn Chen

Tuffs Healthcare

Len Fink

Burger King

Dan Rush

Dell Computers (Plain English) | Yellow Pages | Travel Channel

Dewey Nicks

Dr. Scholl’s (Twins)

Joe Public

KIA (shot in San Francisco, CA) | Cracker Jack (Search)

Zack Snyder

Audi (Maharja, Psychotest – shot in Jaipur, India) | Crown Royal | Mercedes Benz (Neighbors)

Kinka Usher


Michael Wilson


Jim Zabilla

Best Buy (Club Beats Holiday Spot)



Music Videos


Randee St.Nicholas

        Britney Spears.  Make Me.ft. G-Eazy.       


Rihanna (Rude Boy) | Robin Thicke (Sex Therapy) |Katy Perry (Thinking of You) | Keri Hilson ft. Timbaland (Return the Favor – shot in New York, NY) | Ciara ft. T Pain (Go Girl) | Lady Gaga (Beautiful, Rich, Dirty) | Keri Hilson (Energy) | Ashanti (Good Good) | Solange (I Decided) | Lady Gaga (Just Dance) | Kylie Minogue (Wow, In My Arms) | Leona Lewis (Bleeding Love) | Ne-Yo (Do You, All Because of You) | Eve ft. Swizz Beatz (Tamourine) *MVPA, Director of the Year, 2008 | Eve ft. Sean Paul (Give it to Me – shot in New York, NY) | Beyonce (Suga Mama, Green Light, Upgrade U ft. Jay Z MVPA, Director of the Year, 2008, Kitty Kat) | Lloyd Banks ft. Keri Hilson (Help) | Ying Yang Twins ft. Wyclef (Dangerous)

Chris Robinson

Usher (Daddy’s Home) | Jennifer Hudson (Spotlight) | Alicia Keys (Superwoman) | Jordin Sparks (No Air – shot in New York, NY) | Common ft. Lily Allen (Drivin me Wild) | Akon (Blame it on Me) | Bone Thugs n’ Harmoney ft. Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri, and Bow Wow (Lil L.O.V.E. – shot in New York, NY) | Monica (A Dozen Roses) | Pharell ft. Snoop Dogg (That Girl) | TI ft. Jamie Foxx (Live in the Sky) | P. Diddy ft. Nicole (Come to Me)

Diane Martel

Alicia Keys (Brand New Me) | Nicki Minaj Right Thru Me, How Do You Do Dat Shit) | The Game ft. Justin Timberlake & Pharell (Aint No Doubt About It) | Flyleaf (Missing) | Adam Lambert (Whataya Want from Me) | Britney Spears (3) | Irina (Gold Lady) | Esmee Denters (Outta Here) | Ciara ft. Justin Timberlake (Love, Sex & Magic – shot in New York, NY)

Ray Kay

Kristian Valen (Letting Go) | Orianthi (Shut Up & Kiss Me) | Adam Lambert (For Your Entertainment) | Cheryl Cole (Fight for This Love – shot in London, England) | Mini Viva (Left My Heart in Tokyo) | Sean Paul (So Fine – shot in Miami, FL) | Rich Girls (He Aint Wit Me Now Tho)

Anthony Mandler

Ricky Martin | One Republic (Stop and Stare) | Nate Ruess (Nothing Without Love)

Jake Nava

Little Boots (New in Town) | Britney Spears (If U Seek Amy)

The Malloy’s

N.E.R.D. (Sooner of Later) | Demi Lovato (Lala Land)

Robert Hales

Delta Goodrem (In This Life)

Chris Sims

Ne-Yo (Let Me Love You)


Seal (Secret, Weight of my Mistakes)

Fatima Robinson

Mary J. Blige (Work It). Meghan Trainor Dear Future Husband. Meghan Trainor No.


Justin Francis

Mariah Carey (Bye Bye) | Alicia Keys (No One) **MVPA, R&B Video of the Year, 2008

Ben Dickenson

Q-Tip (Getting Up)

Justin Purser

Miggs (Let the Games Begin)

Scott Speer

Jordin Sparks (Tatoo) | Paris Hilton (Nothing in the World)

Alan Ferguson

Janelle Monae (Many Moons)


Yoko Ono (Every man has a Manwho Loves Him Every Woman Has a Woman Who Loves Her)

Michel Gondry

Sheryl Crow (A Change)

Melodie McDaniels

Tori Amos (God) | The Cranberries (Linger) | David Baerwald (Triangle)

Kier McFarlane

Janet Jackson (Anytime Anyplace)

Neil Abramson

Belinda Carlisle (Lay Down Your Arms) | Enigma (Carlys Song) | UB40 (I Can’t Help Falling in Love) (Shot in Birmingham, England)


Features & Television                                    Director                          Production Company

Dumb Nation (TV)                                           Lucy Forbes                   BBC3 / Roughcut Television

Russell Brand’s happiness Project (Doc.)     Jack Bayles                    Mayfair Film Partnership / Vanity projects

American Son*                                                Neil Abramson               Map Point Pictures | Night & Day Pictures | Danielle Renfrew

        * Nominated, Dramatic Competition, Grand Jury Prize, Sundance 2008

The Ritual (short)                                            Gore Verbinksi               Line Postmyr

Without Air                                                      Neil Abramson               Winghead Films / Phaedra Cinema / John Bick

Blind Geronimo & His Brother                       Martin Von Halesberg   BM Productions